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48" or 56" Running Parachute Strength Speed Training | AHI-77 AHI-76

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Product Description

A running parachute is an excellent tool to use during your running workouts to increase your sprinting speed and power. The running parachute is used to increase drag / resistance during sprint or speed training. After you reach a high speed the running chute is fully deployed and resistance is applied to you while running. Running parachutes can be a great tool to use with sports teams, such as football or soccer. 

We offer 3 different sizes of running chutes: 48" & 56", we recommend the sizes based on your skill and athletic ability. We recommend the 40" running parachute for kids.

Running Parachute Specifications

  • Available sizes: 48" 56"
  • Included carrying case

What is a Running Parachute?

A running parachute is a simple parachute that is attached to your body to increase the resistance while sprinting. This resistance is used to increase the strength and power of your sprints and to increase your maximum sprinting speed and as well as sprinting stamina. Typical running parachutes are available in a variety of sizes to suit the athletic ability and size of the runner. The chute only applies resistance once the runner has reached the higher end of the speed, usually 70% of their maximum sprint.

Running Parachute Workouts

Workouts are typically harder on your body and require more recovery time between workouts than your typical running workouts. We recommend a maximum of two to three resistance workouts a week using a running chute. Of course this depends on the experience and skill level of the runner!

Most runners / sprinters find the most success using interval training for increasing speed and sprint stamina. Most trainees utilize 50-100 yard sprints using a chute.

For beginners I would recommend training sprints with the running parachute twice a week and 3-4 days apart, with a volume of 10 sprints. This workout can be used along with other training for sport.

Below would be a typical training work out performed twice a week.

  • Monday: 10. 50 yard sprints at 95% maximum speed
  • Thursday: 8 100 yard sprints at 90% maximum speed

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